What on earth is a mattress topper? Do I need one?

Setting up a comfy bed for yourself is a challenge when you get into all the accessories, linen and bells and whistles that you can have.

At Beds for Backs, we aim to take the spin out of the mattress and bedding industry and tell it to you straight. Here we offer our no-jargon explanation of a mattress topper and when you might want to get one.


Mattress toppers differ from mattress protectors in that they are designed to make your bed feel more comfortable, but not necessarily to protect your mattress from spills, stains and dust. If you have one of our ergonomic beds, you can be certain that you have the right support in the right places to keep yourself in the zero-stress position that is the most rejuvenating for your body and promotes sleep. If you don’t have an ergonomic bed, no matter how comfortable your bed might feel, you can’t be assured that your body is in the best position for maximum rest.

Mattress toppers aren’t designed to make your bed support you better, and they can’t improve the structure of your mattress. They are designed to make your mattress feel more comfortable for you and your partner. They do this in a variety of ways, and depending on the type of material and options you select, mattress toppers make it easy to change and customise your beds feel to your personal preference without compromising support. They can also help reduce partner disturbance and assist with snoring.


Latex, memory foam, foam mattress toppers can conform to the natural curves of your body, and mirror the feeling of a pillow top or memory foam top mattress, without the extra cost. Mattress toppers can also extend the life of mattress – meaning that you can get better value of money out of a great mattress, or save up to buy a new mattress. Some toppers can also have different comfort layers on each side, so the feel can be customised to each partner.

At Beds for Backs, our mattress toppers are fully customisable to the comfort and feel that you want with your bed. They come with a zipper, so that you can change out the comfort layer and choose the thickness and material that you want inside – including memory foam and latex. This means that you can upgrade your mattress to having a memory foam comfort layer for the fraction of the cost of a new mattress.

Mattress toppers are an excellent way to customise the feel and comfort of your bed to what you and your partner like, without the cost or fuss of changing your mattress or the fuss of replacing your mattress. They are wonderful for creating a comfortable feel, but only a truly ergonomic bed can keep you in the zero-stress position that is best for your body and promotes rest. If you are looking to make your mattress more comfortable, a mattress topper might be a solution, but only an ergonomic bed can offer you the true best rest.

For further information on our mattress toppers contact us. You can also view our range of ergonomic beds to see how to get your best rest tonight.


A practical bed buying guide

Choosing a bed can seem overwhelming. It’s a large purchase, arguably an investment. You want your new bed to be supportive and comfortable each night. A good bed will not just give you rest and energy for the day ahead, but will ergonomically support your back, hips and shoulders to prevent the soreness suffered by those with uniform flat mattresses. Below is a list of 6 steps on how to choose a bed.


The first steps

If you’re not happy with your bed, or you just know it’s time to upgrade, think about what you want from your new mattress. You can then approach the purchase with clear requirements in mind:

  • Do you find it difficult to sleep because you’re too cold or warm?
  • Do you wake up each time your partner gets in or out of bed?
  • Do you wake up with aching shoulders and hips?
  • Do you find it difficult to rest comfortably in bed?
  • Do you and your partner have different needs?

Keep these issues in mind when you begin the search for your new bed. You want your new bed to address all these issues and provide real support and extra comfort.

Make a list of retailers to visit, and set aside time, potentially a morning from your weekend, to have the necessary time to view and test their beds. You will want at least an hour at each store.

1. REALLY try it!

It sounds ridiculous, but an alarming number of people don’t try a bed before they buy it. Make the most of a bed retailer’s showroom and feel the difference between the bed models for yourself.

  • Ensure you lay on the bed as you would at home.
  • If you tend to change sleep positions, give each position a good few minutes when you’re testing the bed. Yes, minutes not moments.
  • If you’re in a relationship, bring your partner! Trick them into thinking it’s their idea if need be. It’s important you are both happy with the bed, and it allows you to test the effectiveness of partner zones in minimising disturbance as either of you move in bed.
  • Couples may also have differing needs due to size, shape or condition amongst other reasons. Ensure the bed can meet both your needs without compromise to yourself or your partner.

2. Ask the questions that matter

Keep in mind what you require from your new bed. Take the requirements you listed in the first step, and then ask the necessary questions when you speak to a consultant. Some could include:

  • Does the bed cater to your unique body shape?
  • What materials are used to construct the bed?
  • Does the bed design retain heat, or does it breathe and keep you cool?
  • Are there partner zones to avoid disturbance when one of you move in bed?
  • Can the bed be made to suit for the varying needs of both yourself and your partner?

Asking these questions are important not only because you’ll have a better understanding of which bed is suited to you and your unique requirements, but also because you’ll come to understand the sales person’s level of knowledge and understanding. This will allow you to distinguish the sales people from the genuine consultants who understand bed design and sleep.


3. Do some quick research

We recommend seeking knowledge from the experiences of others. Websites such as Product Review are quality sources of independent reviews by consumers of products in the Australian market. Learn what the customer service experience was of others at the retailer. Learn if the bed met their expectations, and if it didn’t, what customer service was offered to rectify their issue?

4. Is the bed backed by a guarantee?

Just as how you would expect a guarantee on a new car, home build or appliance, you should expect a guarantee on your bed. A guarantee is evidence that the manufacturer or retailer have faith in the quality and reliability of the product. This provides you with peace of mind and comfort that you are making a sound decision in a product that can be depended upon, and the knowledge that there’s customer service and support should an unforeseen issue arise.

Checking websites such as Product Review is important to see if these guarantees are honoured.

5. Is the bed within your budget?

Purchasing a bed is an investment that will last 12 to 15 years. Therefore a $3,000 bed averages out across this period to be as little as a cup of coffee a week.

However we all have different budgets, and so it’s helpful when retailers can offer services to make the purchase of your bed more achievable. Ask if they have lay-buy or interest free credit services which make your investment a series of affordable repayments.

Feeling confident now? Buying a bed needn’t be a difficult task, and in fact can be a lot of fun. If you’d like to be walked through the ergolife range and demonstrated how ergocomfort will provide you real support and extra comfort, visit your local showroom and talk to our friendly consultants.

Ergo Electric Beds – the best seats in the house this Spring Carnival

image001-12-300x200Melbourne Cup is a big time of the year for Melbourne – after all, it is the race that stops the nation! But what do you do when you’ve stopped? When you’ve enjoyed too many bevvies, your feet are swollen, or the springtime hay fever has gotten the better of you? Canter off to bed!

The best seats!

Bring the races to you. Right to your bed. Everyone loves watching tele from bed, but after a while it can get a bit uncomfortable. Whether you’re sitting upright in bed with your back to the headrest, or the pillow behind your back is slipping, it doesn’t matter how you contort yourself, watching TV can become uncomfortable in a standard bed.


However you can have the best seats in the house with an ErgoElectric lifestyle adjustable bed. The head lift allows you to lay back, and still have the elevation and angle to see the television without stacking pillows behind your back. With the ability to easily adjust the bed using a remote, and even a massage function – you won’t want to leave your bed!

Support and comfort

The ErgoElectric range of lifestyle beds provide ergonomic support with the convenience of electronic adjustment with a wireless remote. Lower back support while sitting upright to watch television or read a book, the ErgoElectric bed adjusts to the curves of your back for ergonomic support.

Can work for you and your other half

ErgoElectric lifestyle adjustable beds are available in a range of single or split queen or split king options. This means that should you wish your head to be raised, but your partner would prefer to lay flat – you can! Each side of the bed adjusts independently.

Looks the part

Lifestyle adjustable electric beds don’t need to look like the ‘hospital beds’ that we sometimes imagine. The ErgoElectric range stocked at Beds for Backs are designed to match your existing bedroom suite. Enjoy upholstered finish on the adjustable bed base, or have the base mounted within an existing bed frame.

Take out your own Melbourne Cup and feel like a winner on an ErgoElectric bed. If you need a comfy spot to recover from (or watch) the races, gallop down to your local Beds for Backs to test the range of options! Click here for store locations.

Ergonomic rest to perform at your best


Beds for Backs sponsored the 2016 I Love Frankston Fun Run to educate the communityon how ergonomic rest can help you perform at your best.

Are you a workout warrior? Or hardworking tradie? Perhaps you’re a busy mum with little ones that keep you constantly on your toes?  We all have a pursuit, profession, or lifestyle that demands a lot of us.  That’s why it’s important to get ergonomic rest to perform at your best. So what does that mean? Quite simply, it’s a good night’s sleep!

How can sleep benefit our performance?

Sleep is essential for energy, mental rejuvenation and physical recovery. We don’t feel jogger100% when we’ve missed out on quality sleep, however we often deny ourselves sleep in order to find more time. A paradox right?

A lack of sleep can affect our problem solving and reasoning abilities, concentration and even our alertness. Which means it can take much longer to do the things we need to do. This is just one of the negative impacts a lack of quality sleep can have. Read more in our blog ‘Busting the myth that we can be our best on less sleep’.

Elite athletes sleep more than the average person’s 7-9 hours a night. That’s because sleep is required for the generation of energy as well as for recovery and repair of the human body.

Whether it’s physical recovery of muscles and organs from physical pursuits, our immune system fighting an illness, or mental recovery from a busy and stressful day, sleep enables our body to heal and rejuvenate.

What differenc41e does ergonomic rest make?

Ergonomic is a commonly used term, but what does it actually mean? An ergonomic product typically adjusts to fit the person who uses it. Think ergonomic office chair and desk for example. When we refer to ergonomic rest, we mean sleep supported by beds with ergonomic design qualities.

Beds for Backs have been educating Melbournians about the importance of ergonomic design in bedding for over 20 years. A standard bed has a flat uniform surface which puts pressure against your shoulders and hips. Ergonomically designed beds adjust to the unique size and shape of your body, providing pressure relief and comfort. The ergolife range, only at Beds for Backs, provides relief to shoulders and hips, while also supporting your lumbar (lower back) to keep your back comfortably aligned – just as if you were standing!

What does this mean for you? Quite simply a quality night’s sleep so you can hit the ground running the next day!  Visit us in store and our consultants can demonstrate how ergolife beds can adjust to ergonomically support your unique size and shape. You can find your local store here.