How to Choose the Best Sized Mattress For You

What’s the best mattress size for me?


Believe it or not, one of the most commonly Googled questions about beds in Australia is – “What’s the best bed size for me?”

So for all you little Goldilockses out there, here are some of our recommendations.

It is only in the last 30 years or so that double beds have dropped out of vogue for married couples. While they were previously the most popular mattress for those in a couple, particularly during the summer of love (60s and 70s), they were actually only approximately 15” bigger than a twin size! As we have changed our bedroom habits, and have gotten taller, the Queen size bed is currently the most popular choice for those sharing a bed with someone.


Standard bed sizes have reflected changing bedroom tastes throughout the decades.

The current Queen bed’s popularity gives us approximately 6” extra space on both the height and width. If you are looking for a pretty standard bed to share with a partner, this is your best bed. It is common, and the easiest to get economically priced manchester for.

However, for those who want a little more space, you can go with a King size bed. The King Size makes up the size of two twin beds pushed together, so it offers plenty of room for both partners. For those who are looking for an option of greater length, the largest length available is the California King Bed. While large and luxurious, getting Manchester for these size beds is often pricier and more difficult to come by.


Making sure that you have the right mattress before you start sleeping on it can save you a lot of headaches down the track

Commonly speaking, single beds are often seen as being only for children, so teenagers will likely want to upgrade to at least a double. Doubles and twins can be good for people who are single, but usually couples like the larger space a Queen gives.

When it comes to the size question though, it essentially comes down to three considerations:

  1. How large is the bedroom space? Maximising the space available and where the bed will set might make some of these decisions for you. Make sure your measure up the bedroom, so that you get a bed that will fit!
  2. Cost – As beds get larger, they also get pricier. If cost is an issue, going down to a double or a Queen can save you money, over a King or California King.
  3. Personal preference – some people move a lot, and like to be further away from their partners. If you are tall, you may also have a length preference, which makes you lean toward the California King.


If you find your hanging out the end of your bed, a California King size could give you the extra space you need.

If you are struggling to find a bed for you, we do also offer custom made beds for those who can’t find what they’re looking for in stores. We recommend trying a variety of sizes, and making sure you have both sides ergonomically adjusted for each unique partner to get the best rest.

If you’re based in Melbourne, find your local Beds4backs store here to test drive mattresses, or view the range online.


Choosing the best mattress and bed to assist with back pain

Having back pain is a common issue for many Australians. Whether it’s chronic or occasional back pain, it can become extremely inconvenient and debilitating, restricting you from completing day-to-day activities. Back pain is not always completely curable, however, sleeping on the right mattress can significantly support and improve your back as well as your joints and muscles. Mattress stores in Melbourne supply high-quality and affordable beds for backs.

Chiropractors, health professionals and ergonomists all recommend that to get better rest, protect your back, and to aid recovery – your body needs to be in the zero-stress position. A zero-stress position is where your body has its spine in a perfectly neutral position, so there is no strain or stress on it. This means that your body can rest properly, repair itself, and avoid pain as the spine is not being pulled out of alignment by your heavier shoulders, stomach and hips.

You should choose a very comfortable mattress for your back pain. Your health depends on the kind of mattress you decide to buy. If you buy a cheap one that is not comfortable then you might suffer more and spend more money on your health instead. This will be more expensive in the long run. The only way to achieve the zero-stress position with a bed, is for it to be fully ergonomic. This means that it needs to be able to adjust for your unique body type, shape and height to keep you in this position.

There is a wide selection of ergonomic beds available to choose from at Melbourne mattress stores that can dramatically back pain. The beds are ergonomically designed to provide adjustable lower back support and shoulder relief for short-tall and medium-heavy body types. The range of ergonomic beds includes ergolife active, ergolife contour, ergolife latex, ergolife zero stress and ergolife eclectic.

The friendly and dedicated team at mattress stores in Melbourne can assist you with finding a bed that helps to aid and support your back. They will assess your needs to match you with an ergonomic bed that will leave you feeling well-rested and comfortable. Experience the difference with an ergonomic bed. You can browse the range online or in-store.

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Tips for shift workers to sleep better

Shift work can be one of the most difficult lifestyles to manage when it comes to getting good sleep, maintaining good mental health, and building strong relationships. Studies show that night shift workers are predominately reaching for caffeine and sugar to help get them through the night after sleeping poorly during the day. Evidence also suggests that if not properly managed, shift work and the related lack of sleep can lead to health problems down the track. Below we catalogue our tips for getting the best sleep when you don’t have a set bed time or have to sleep during the day.

1. Use exposure to sunlight to help set your body clock

The sun is one of the natural regulators that helps us to put our body into a sleep/wake rhythm. When we are gradually exposed to sunlight, this tells our body it is daytime and prepares us to be alert and ready for the day. Conversely, exposure to the darkness and a lack of sunlight tells our body that it is time for sleep. Try to control your exposure to sunlight to your advantage. Get exposed to natural sunlight around 90 minutes before you need to be at your most alert. Before bed, try to be in as dark a space as possible for at least an hour. It is helpful to fit your bedroom with blackout curtains, and if you drive home in the morning sun, use sunglasses to avoid the sun making you too alert before bed. On your days off, try to get as much sun as possible to maintain your overall health.

2. Exercise

Making sure that you get adequate exercise at least 4 hours before bed is one of the best ways to promote good sleep. Exercising will make you more alert in the moment, and help you sleep better later in the day. This means that having a regular exercise routine is crucial to good sleep. Plan your exercise for about 30 minutes before you need to be at your most alert, as the exercise will energize you. Exercising right before bed will wake you up, so try to plan exercise for well before bedtime.

3. Use caffeine judiciously

Coffee, one of Melbourne’s favourite past-times, really is the elixir of the Gods when it comes to most workers, and shift workers attest to the power that it can have in helping you stay awake during odd hours. While caffeine can give you an added boost, particularly on the way to work, it can also disrupt your sleeping patterns depending on the timing of your use. Try to avoid coffee for three hours before you plan to get to bed, otherwise you might find it harder to get to sleep when you clock off. Nicotine can have a similar effect, so smokers should avoid cigarettes close to bedtime.

4. Plan your meals

Certain foods and meals can make you feel sleepy, or alert, depending on what and when you are eating. Shift workers report more stomach pain symptoms than other categories of workers due to their disrupted eating habits. Try to plan three meals for the day, as you would if you were working an ordinary shift. Plan a high energy, low GI meal for when you first wake up, a protein rich vegetable dish for the middle of your shift, and a light meal around 3 hours before you plan to go to bed. Avoid alcohol before bed – even though it feels like it helps you to sleep, your sleep quality will be far poorer, and you will wake up feeling fatigued. If you struggle to eat properly, try preparing and freezing meals during down time to take to work with you during the week.

5. Use naps wisely

While it may be tempting to sleep in or take a long nap after a poor night’s sleep, this will not help you in the long run. However, try to get a 30 minute nap in during your night shift. This will increase your overall alertness and performance while on the job, without impacting your sleep later in the day. Any longer than 30 minutes will have you awaken feeling groggy, and you will find it harder to sleep that night.

All shift workers have their own unique tips and tricks to get to sleep – one we like is taking a nice hot shower first thing in the morning! Connect with us on Facebook to share your tips and tricks for getting good sleep as a night shift worker.

Last but not least, having a comfy bed that is ergonomically designed to support the human body with zero stress can also help in the process of getting good sleep. Beds for Backs is the only retailer of ergonomic beds guaranteed to give you real support, extra comfort and the best rest. Visit your nearest store to speak to one of our consultants about your unique needs, or view the benefits of our range online.

A practical bed buying guide

Choosing a bed can seem overwhelming. It’s a large purchase, arguably an investment. You want your new bed to be supportive and comfortable each night. A good bed will not just give you rest and energy for the day ahead, but will ergonomically support your back, hips and shoulders to prevent the soreness suffered by those with uniform flat mattresses. Below is a list of 6 steps on how to choose a bed.


The first steps

If you’re not happy with your bed, or you just know it’s time to upgrade, think about what you want from your new mattress. You can then approach the purchase with clear requirements in mind:

  • Do you find it difficult to sleep because you’re too cold or warm?
  • Do you wake up each time your partner gets in or out of bed?
  • Do you wake up with aching shoulders and hips?
  • Do you find it difficult to rest comfortably in bed?
  • Do you and your partner have different needs?

Keep these issues in mind when you begin the search for your new bed. You want your new bed to address all these issues and provide real support and extra comfort.

Make a list of retailers to visit, and set aside time, potentially a morning from your weekend, to have the necessary time to view and test their beds. You will want at least an hour at each store.

1. REALLY try it!

It sounds ridiculous, but an alarming number of people don’t try a bed before they buy it. Make the most of a bed retailer’s showroom and feel the difference between the bed models for yourself.

  • Ensure you lay on the bed as you would at home.
  • If you tend to change sleep positions, give each position a good few minutes when you’re testing the bed. Yes, minutes not moments.
  • If you’re in a relationship, bring your partner! Trick them into thinking it’s their idea if need be. It’s important you are both happy with the bed, and it allows you to test the effectiveness of partner zones in minimising disturbance as either of you move in bed.
  • Couples may also have differing needs due to size, shape or condition amongst other reasons. Ensure the bed can meet both your needs without compromise to yourself or your partner.

2. Ask the questions that matter

Keep in mind what you require from your new bed. Take the requirements you listed in the first step, and then ask the necessary questions when you speak to a consultant. Some could include:

  • Does the bed cater to your unique body shape?
  • What materials are used to construct the bed?
  • Does the bed design retain heat, or does it breathe and keep you cool?
  • Are there partner zones to avoid disturbance when one of you move in bed?
  • Can the bed be made to suit for the varying needs of both yourself and your partner?

Asking these questions are important not only because you’ll have a better understanding of which bed is suited to you and your unique requirements, but also because you’ll come to understand the sales person’s level of knowledge and understanding. This will allow you to distinguish the sales people from the genuine consultants who understand bed design and sleep.


3. Do some quick research

We recommend seeking knowledge from the experiences of others. Websites such as Product Review are quality sources of independent reviews by consumers of products in the Australian market. Learn what the customer service experience was of others at the retailer. Learn if the bed met their expectations, and if it didn’t, what customer service was offered to rectify their issue?

4. Is the bed backed by a guarantee?

Just as how you would expect a guarantee on a new car, home build or appliance, you should expect a guarantee on your bed. A guarantee is evidence that the manufacturer or retailer have faith in the quality and reliability of the product. This provides you with peace of mind and comfort that you are making a sound decision in a product that can be depended upon, and the knowledge that there’s customer service and support should an unforeseen issue arise.

Checking websites such as Product Review is important to see if these guarantees are honoured.

5. Is the bed within your budget?

Purchasing a bed is an investment that will last 12 to 15 years. Therefore a $3,000 bed averages out across this period to be as little as a cup of coffee a week.

However we all have different budgets, and so it’s helpful when retailers can offer services to make the purchase of your bed more achievable. Ask if they have lay-buy or interest free credit services which make your investment a series of affordable repayments.

Feeling confident now? Buying a bed needn’t be a difficult task, and in fact can be a lot of fun. If you’d like to be walked through the ergolife range and demonstrated how ergocomfort will provide you real support and extra comfort, visit your local showroom and talk to our friendly consultants.

High Quality Mattresses for Bad Backs in Mattress Stores Melbourne

Many people suffer from mild to extreme back pain in their lives. Bad backs can come down to a range of factors such as injury, posture or fitness. A major influence on back pain is the type of mattress you sleep on. Your mattress heavily effects the way your body moves and feels. Having a high quality mattress can improve bad backs, increase sleep and leave you feeling healthier and happier. Purchasing a comfortable mattress from a mattress store is a practical and life changing investment, especially for those with bad backs. Mattresses last for many years, so choosing the best one is extremely important.

There is a wide range of specialised mattresses available in the market for people with bad backs. The mattresses work to alleviate back pain, improve quality of rest, improve blood flow and rejuvenation, provide comfort and ensure correct body alignment. These features ensure you are buying a mattress that provides superior comfort. For severe back pain electric adjustable mattresses are available. These mattresses are suited to people who need a high level of support or have limited mobility. The mattress allows you to make various adjustments to the head, back, lumbar and legs whilst sleeping or sitting. These mattresses have been specially designed to provide you with ease of use and superior back support.

Customised mattresses are also available to aid those with bad backs. The team will work with you to create a mattress that best suits your needs and budget, and provide you with a competitive quote that is hard to turn down. Customised mattresses allows you to sleep on a mattress tailored specifically to you, ensuring a perfect night’s sleep.

When choosing a mattress, it is important to find one that suits your lifestyle. Your ideal mattress depends on your age, size, ability, lifestyle and budget, often making the purchasing stage difficult and stressful. To alleviate this stress you can purchase your mattress from a mattress store. Quality mattress stores supply a wide range of comfortable and affordable mattresses in one place, making the decision process easier. In store, a friendly and knowledgeable team are available to assist you in purchasing the best mattress for you. The team works hard to ensure your new mattress meets your lifestyle requirements and keeps you and your family happy, healthy and well rested. The sales team are also available online and over the phone for your convenience.

When searching for a supportive and high quality mattress a mattress store is the best place to look.

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