How to Choose the Best Sized Mattress For You

What’s the best mattress size for me?


Believe it or not, one of the most commonly Googled questions about beds in Australia is – “What’s the best bed size for me?”

So for all you little Goldilockses out there, here are some of our recommendations.

It is only in the last 30 years or so that double beds have dropped out of vogue for married couples. While they were previously the most popular mattress for those in a couple, particularly during the summer of love (60s and 70s), they were actually only approximately 15” bigger than a twin size! As we have changed our bedroom habits, and have gotten taller, the Queen size bed is currently the most popular choice for those sharing a bed with someone.


Standard bed sizes have reflected changing bedroom tastes throughout the decades.

The current Queen bed’s popularity gives us approximately 6” extra space on both the height and width. If you are looking for a pretty standard bed to share with a partner, this is your best bed. It is common, and the easiest to get economically priced manchester for.

However, for those who want a little more space, you can go with a King size bed. The King Size makes up the size of two twin beds pushed together, so it offers plenty of room for both partners. For those who are looking for an option of greater length, the largest length available is the California King Bed. While large and luxurious, getting Manchester for these size beds is often pricier and more difficult to come by.


Making sure that you have the right mattress before you start sleeping on it can save you a lot of headaches down the track

Commonly speaking, single beds are often seen as being only for children, so teenagers will likely want to upgrade to at least a double. Doubles and twins can be good for people who are single, but usually couples like the larger space a Queen gives.

When it comes to the size question though, it essentially comes down to three considerations:

  1. How large is the bedroom space? Maximising the space available and where the bed will set might make some of these decisions for you. Make sure your measure up the bedroom, so that you get a bed that will fit!
  2. Cost – As beds get larger, they also get pricier. If cost is an issue, going down to a double or a Queen can save you money, over a King or California King.
  3. Personal preference – some people move a lot, and like to be further away from their partners. If you are tall, you may also have a length preference, which makes you lean toward the California King.


If you find your hanging out the end of your bed, a California King size could give you the extra space you need.

If you are struggling to find a bed for you, we do also offer custom made beds for those who can’t find what they’re looking for in stores. We recommend trying a variety of sizes, and making sure you have both sides ergonomically adjusted for each unique partner to get the best rest.

If you’re based in Melbourne, find your local Beds4backs store here to test drive mattresses, or view the range online.