How to Choose the Best Sized Mattress For You

What’s the best mattress size for me?


Believe it or not, one of the most commonly Googled questions about beds in Australia is – “What’s the best bed size for me?”

So for all you little Goldilockses out there, here are some of our recommendations.

It is only in the last 30 years or so that double beds have dropped out of vogue for married couples. While they were previously the most popular mattress for those in a couple, particularly during the summer of love (60s and 70s), they were actually only approximately 15” bigger than a twin size! As we have changed our bedroom habits, and have gotten taller, the Queen size bed is currently the most popular choice for those sharing a bed with someone.


Standard bed sizes have reflected changing bedroom tastes throughout the decades.

The current Queen bed’s popularity gives us approximately 6” extra space on both the height and width. If you are looking for a pretty standard bed to share with a partner, this is your best bed. It is common, and the easiest to get economically priced manchester for.

However, for those who want a little more space, you can go with a King size bed. The King Size makes up the size of two twin beds pushed together, so it offers plenty of room for both partners. For those who are looking for an option of greater length, the largest length available is the California King Bed. While large and luxurious, getting Manchester for these size beds is often pricier and more difficult to come by.


Making sure that you have the right mattress before you start sleeping on it can save you a lot of headaches down the track

Commonly speaking, single beds are often seen as being only for children, so teenagers will likely want to upgrade to at least a double. Doubles and twins can be good for people who are single, but usually couples like the larger space a Queen gives.

When it comes to the size question though, it essentially comes down to three considerations:

  1. How large is the bedroom space? Maximising the space available and where the bed will set might make some of these decisions for you. Make sure your measure up the bedroom, so that you get a bed that will fit!
  2. Cost – As beds get larger, they also get pricier. If cost is an issue, going down to a double or a Queen can save you money, over a King or California King.
  3. Personal preference – some people move a lot, and like to be further away from their partners. If you are tall, you may also have a length preference, which makes you lean toward the California King.


If you find your hanging out the end of your bed, a California King size could give you the extra space you need.

If you are struggling to find a bed for you, we do also offer custom made beds for those who can’t find what they’re looking for in stores. We recommend trying a variety of sizes, and making sure you have both sides ergonomically adjusted for each unique partner to get the best rest.

If you’re based in Melbourne, find your local Beds4backs store here to test drive mattresses, or view the range online.


What on earth is a mattress topper? Do I need one?

Setting up a comfy bed for yourself is a challenge when you get into all the accessories, linen and bells and whistles that you can have.

At Beds for Backs, we aim to take the spin out of the mattress and bedding industry and tell it to you straight. Here we offer our no-jargon explanation of a mattress topper and when you might want to get one.


Mattress toppers differ from mattress protectors in that they are designed to make your bed feel more comfortable, but not necessarily to protect your mattress from spills, stains and dust. If you have one of our ergonomic beds, you can be certain that you have the right support in the right places to keep yourself in the zero-stress position that is the most rejuvenating for your body and promotes sleep. If you don’t have an ergonomic bed, no matter how comfortable your bed might feel, you can’t be assured that your body is in the best position for maximum rest.

Mattress toppers aren’t designed to make your bed support you better, and they can’t improve the structure of your mattress. They are designed to make your mattress feel more comfortable for you and your partner. They do this in a variety of ways, and depending on the type of material and options you select, mattress toppers make it easy to change and customise your beds feel to your personal preference without compromising support. They can also help reduce partner disturbance and assist with snoring.


Latex, memory foam, foam mattress toppers can conform to the natural curves of your body, and mirror the feeling of a pillow top or memory foam top mattress, without the extra cost. Mattress toppers can also extend the life of mattress – meaning that you can get better value of money out of a great mattress, or save up to buy a new mattress. Some toppers can also have different comfort layers on each side, so the feel can be customised to each partner.

At Beds for Backs, our mattress toppers are fully customisable to the comfort and feel that you want with your bed. They come with a zipper, so that you can change out the comfort layer and choose the thickness and material that you want inside – including memory foam and latex. This means that you can upgrade your mattress to having a memory foam comfort layer for the fraction of the cost of a new mattress.

Mattress toppers are an excellent way to customise the feel and comfort of your bed to what you and your partner like, without the cost or fuss of changing your mattress or the fuss of replacing your mattress. They are wonderful for creating a comfortable feel, but only a truly ergonomic bed can keep you in the zero-stress position that is best for your body and promotes rest. If you are looking to make your mattress more comfortable, a mattress topper might be a solution, but only an ergonomic bed can offer you the true best rest.

For further information on our mattress toppers contact us. You can also view our range of ergonomic beds to see how to get your best rest tonight.

How To Get The Best Sleep This Winter

Feeling like it’s a drain to get out of bed this winter? Then you’d be absolutely right. While even the most beautiful of winter days is still pretty uninviting to leave a warm bed for, the reasons run deeper. Recent studies reveal that the reason you feel sleepier in winter is precisely: because you are. In winter, we tend to sleep less, and with a poorer quality than in the other seasons. We are obsessed with your sleep – so here are our top kip tips this winter.

The best mattress for you is designed for you

We’re so obsessed with your sleep, we’d watch you like this if we could

1. Rug up, but be sure to allow your body to cool down

I’m going to tell it to you straight – some of your problems are your own fault. While it is true that keeping warm in winter is super important for comfort, health and sleep, it can also cause sleep disturbance if you’re keeping yourself too warm. Your body uses a small drop in body temperature to signal that it is ready to drift off, but with modern conveniences, this can be hard to achieve if you are heating the room and your bed. Have a warm shower before bed, or keep your room at around 18-22 degrees to give yourself the best chance of good rest. Keeping your bed or bedroom too warm has also been associated with causing nightmares, another issue that gets in the way of good rest. Make sure that you keep your electric blanket or heating on just warm enough to stop you from feeling chilly, and have breathable manchester and pyjamas.

The best mattress for you should be comfortable and ergonomic

A couple of extra blankets can help, but don’t overdo it.

2. Relax muscles and reduce stress

One of the issues that can reduce sleep quality and quantity is stress. Winter time can add a multitude of stresses to an already packed schedule – coughs & colds in the family, bigger bills, and end of financial year. This means that your already stressed out body is under even more pressure. Try to remember to put stress-busting activities in your schedule to aid your mental health and sleep. Try a muscle relaxation technique in bed before you drift off – feeling cold, on top of being stressed, means that you’re likely constricting/clenching your muscles – leading to inability to sleep, stress and soreness.

3. Avoid alcohol

Alcohol is extremely tempting in times of cooler weather. Despite what we’ve seen in the movies, with St Bernards charging up to snow-drift stuck climbers with a cask of brandy, alcohol is not good for you in winter. While you might feel a little warmer after a nip or two, alcohol actually lowers your core temperature. It allows your blood vessels to dilate, meaning that more body heat is lost through your skin than usual. Alcohol also leads to disrupted sleep, even when you feel it might make it easier to sleep at first. This sleep will likely be poorer quality and shorter than it otherwise should have been. Avoid the extra nightcap and go with a herbal tea instead.
We’re in Melbourne, to be convenient for you to get the best rest

Switch out the late night nightcaps for a nice hot drink with milk! Keep warm, get sleepier (the tryptophan in the milk helps you sleep) and pretend it’s Christmas all at once. Win!

4. Keep up exercise and avoid too much comfort food/caffeine

I know how easy it is to just want to curl up in front of the fire (meaning: TV), but exercise is as important in winter as it is in summer. It helps you to sleep better at night, and defends your body from winter nasties by boosting your mood and immune system. Time outdoors is important, as you still need the vitamin D that your body craves, but its harder to come by.

Heavy foods and caffeine laden drinks before bed are also a winter staple. However, ditch some of the comfort foods for these sleep boosting snacks, or eat them earlier in the day. Make sure you pay attention to what is in those drinks too, while coffee is the obvious culprit – many lovely teas and hot chocolates are high in caffeine, and will keep you up.

While these tips may be hard to stick to, we know that you will wake up feeling better this winter if you give them a shot. Tell us on Facebook – what are your best winter sleep tips?

At Beds for Backs, we are so obsessed with your sleep, that we designed a one-of-a-kind world exclusive customisable ergonomic bed that ensures you get your best rest. View our range for more details on this revolution in the sleep industry.

Choosing the best mattress and bed to assist with back pain

Having back pain is a common issue for many Australians. Whether it’s chronic or occasional back pain, it can become extremely inconvenient and debilitating, restricting you from completing day-to-day activities. Back pain is not always completely curable, however, sleeping on the right mattress can significantly support and improve your back as well as your joints and muscles. Mattress stores in Melbourne supply high-quality and affordable beds for backs.

Chiropractors, health professionals and ergonomists all recommend that to get better rest, protect your back, and to aid recovery – your body needs to be in the zero-stress position. A zero-stress position is where your body has its spine in a perfectly neutral position, so there is no strain or stress on it. This means that your body can rest properly, repair itself, and avoid pain as the spine is not being pulled out of alignment by your heavier shoulders, stomach and hips.

You should choose a very comfortable mattress for your back pain. Your health depends on the kind of mattress you decide to buy. If you buy a cheap one that is not comfortable then you might suffer more and spend more money on your health instead. This will be more expensive in the long run. The only way to achieve the zero-stress position with a bed, is for it to be fully ergonomic. This means that it needs to be able to adjust for your unique body type, shape and height to keep you in this position.

There is a wide selection of ergonomic beds available to choose from at Melbourne mattress stores that can dramatically back pain. The beds are ergonomically designed to provide adjustable lower back support and shoulder relief for short-tall and medium-heavy body types. The range of ergonomic beds includes ergolife active, ergolife contour, ergolife latex, ergolife zero stress and ergolife eclectic.

The friendly and dedicated team at mattress stores in Melbourne can assist you with finding a bed that helps to aid and support your back. They will assess your needs to match you with an ergonomic bed that will leave you feeling well-rested and comfortable. Experience the difference with an ergonomic bed. You can browse the range online or in-store.

To learn more about beds and mattresses that can aid back pain, please visit:

The Best Bed for Back Pain

Back Problems are one of the most common conditions affecting Australians. The Australian Bureau of Statistics reports that approximately 16% of the population have a chronic back pain issue. They also estimate that approximately 70-90% of people will experience a problem with lower back pain in their life.

Back pain slows us down, is no fun, and stops us from doing the things that we want to do. If you are doing everything you can to protect your back – consider what role your bed can play for you.

How can my bed protect my back?

Chiropractors, health professionals and ergonomists all recommend that to get better rest, protect your back, and to aid recovery – your body needs to be in the zero stress position. A zero stress position is where your body has its spine in a perfectly neutral position, so there is no strain or stress on it.

This means that your body is able to rest properly, repair itself, and avoid pain as the spine is not being pulled out of alignment by your heavier shoulders, stomach and hips. You can see independent scientific reports of the benefits of the zero-stress position here.

How do I achieve this with my bed?


The only way to achieve the zero stress position with a bed, is for it to be fully ergonomic. This means that it needs to be able to adjust for your unique body type, shape and height to keep you in this position. A study conducted by Dr Ray Hayek, Macquarie University, Sydney, School of Chiropractic reported that use of variable support (ergonomics) showed the following benefits:

  • Decrease in “disc wedging” demonstrating less tension and compression at those levels.
  • Decreased spinal rotation.
  • Improved spinal alignment closer to the ‘zero stress’ posture.
  • Notably improved pressure distribution demonstrating a significant decrease of peak pressure points.

The science shows: the best way to avoid pain and stress on your body, is to have a fully variable, adjustable ergonomic bed. You can read more about how we know our beds are ergonomic here, or more on the benefits of ergonomics here.

Our customers think so too:


At Beds for Backs, we are passionate about best rest and alleviating maybe back pain and ability to rest and recover from injury. That is why we stock the Ergolife Ergonomic Bed Range – fully adjustable to your unique body needs, to keep you in a zero stress position. Our customers are pretty passionate about the results too!


You can see this review, and more, on

Contact us today, or visit one of our stores to try out the ergonomic difference. We guarantee that you will feel the difference, even in the showroom.

Can your bed…..? The non-negotiables on what your bed needs to do.

When buying a new bed, or even sleeping on your own bed night after night, it’s hard to actually know what is out there and what your bed should be able to do. While we nearly always buy a bed based on how comfortable we feel for the moment in the showroom, there are few more important indicators of what makes a good bed for you.

In this blog, we discuss the non-negotiables of what your bed should be doing for you. If it’s not doing these things – consider a bed break up.

1. Waking up feeling well rested


On average, adults need between 7-9.5 hours of sleep every night. While we can take some minor sleep deprivation that can be made up with an extra-long nights sleep occasionally, chronic missed sleep can have a bad effect on health and can leave you feeling ill and tired. However, if you are not getting enough sleep, or you’re sleeping well and not waking up refreshed, your bed could be at fault.

If you’re finding it hard to sleep, tossing and turning all night and sleeping for 7-9 hours, and not waking up refreshed, then you need to re-consider your bed and mattress, they may not be allowing you to sleep as well as you should.

2. Adjustable to your body


The mattress industry has been lying to you. You would not buy the same clothes as your neighbour, and you wouldn’t want shoes that you never tried on but fit someone else the best. Your bed should fit you! If your bed doesn’t adjust to your body, you’re not getting the best rest. No matter how comfortable the bed may feel for 3 minutes, your bed can only properly fit you – if it’s truly designed to adjust to fit you. You wouldn’t wear your partner’s shoes, why would you sleep on the exact same mattress shape?

3. Wake up feeling recovered

Back injuries and soreness are common. Many of us struggle with sore tight shoulders and hips. These sorts of aches and pains are all to frequent. But – sleep is when your body is supposed to recover! People who are sleeping on the right bed for them, report waking up feeling refreshed and with aches and strains feeling recovered after a few nights sleep on a bed that fully supports them to sleep in a zero-stress position. If you’re not sleeping with your body in a zero-stress position – your body is not able to recover from aches, pains and strains as effectively. It may even be that your shoulder or hip is squashed against firm springs on a flat and uniform bed, so your bed may actually be causing these strains.

4. Helps you sleep in a good position

There is a lot of discussion about what different positions you can sleep in. However, some are healthier for you than others. While there are some stomach sleepers out there, and there are some of us that sleep all curled up, this may be due to your body attempting to get comfortable on a bed that can never be truly comfortable. Sleeping on your stomach can lead to neck strain, and sleeping too curled up can injure backs and shoulders. If you are tempted to sleep in these positions, it can be due to your body compensating for a bad bed. If you have been recommended to change sleeping positions, find a bed that will make your body want to sleep in the right position.

5. It’s not ergonomic

We are passionate about ergonomic beds for a reason – they’re a necessity. Ergonomic beds keep you in a zero-stress position that releases your shoulders and gives your arms the right amount of space, while supporting through your lighter waist (for a woman) or supporting your heavier waist (for a man) to allow for your body to stay in a straight, aligned position. This means that your body is encouraged to get the best rest, in the right position and recover well. No matter how many comfort layers or foam there is – they will never keep your body in this position. Memory foam can even make this issue worse, as it dips where you are heavier – the opposite of what might keep you in the zero-stress position. If your mattress can’t keep your spine aligned, it is not doing its job.

At Beds for Backs, we believe the rest of the mattress industry does not have your best rest in mind. If these major bed and sleep needs are not being met by your current mattress and base, you are being ripped off. Make sure you discuss with Beds for Backs what your rest needs are, and how the world’s first and only ergonomic bed is the only solution.

The Best Mattress for Back Pain in Melbourne

When suffering from mild to extreme back pain it is important to seek chiropractic treatments and aid the healing process as much as possible. Whether it is through injury, illness or age, back pain can be a debilitating and chronic condition. To assist those with back pain, chiropractic beds are available in Melbourne.

Sleeping on the wrong mattress can in fact worsen back pain or even cause pack pain if you don’t already have it. If mattresses have not been reinforced properly it can lead to lack of spine alignment, muscle strains, and poor sleeping posture all of which contribute to back pain. Therefore, it is extremely important to sleep on a mattress that correctly aligns your body and specifically your back. Understanding what makes a good mattress is important to that you can make the right choice for your body.

Specially designed chiropractic mattresses are scientifically deigned to aid back pain and provide you with a healthier night’s sleep. There is a wide range of chiropractic health beds available to choose in Melbourne. The Ergo-Ultra Fit mattress provides superior comfort, allows adjustment and support of your torso by turning a dial, improves quality of rest and improves blood flow and rejuvenation. The Ergo-Shape mattress guarantees more back support that all other ‘orthopaedic’ box spring mattresses, alleviates shoulder stiffness and pain and eliminates roll to centre, even with heavy partners. The Ergo-Line mattress provides better body alignment than any other orthopaedic endorsed mattress on the market, keeps bodies healthy and allows you to wiggle yourself into the slop for better hip, lumbar and shoulder alignment. The Ergo-Multi Milgate V3 mattress assists with respiratory problems, provides a great lifestyle and is the only adjustable bed to provide automatic lumbar support.

Take a look in the Melbourne store today to find the perfect chiropractic health bed for your back pain. The friendly sales team will assist you purchasing a bed that best suits you and your lifestyle. Once you visit the Melbourne store and purchase a chiropractic bed you will start seeing great results including longer night’s sleep, healthier sleep,improved energy and relived back pain. You can also view the amazing range of mattresses online.

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